A Rocket to Ride

by Rod Miner  |  Apr 12, 2015 

The Rocket Car is one of the formative designs that eventually lead to Lightfoot Cycles.

Our focus at Lightfoot today is the effective utilization of human power, knowing that making it easier and safer for humans to use their own heart, lungs and muscle to move themselves can be part of the solution to the problem of the sedentary modern lifestyle and the damage it does to our personal health and the environment we live in.

Back in the 1970’s, however, Earl Miner was mostly looking to prove a concept, the idea that he could reconfigure the car paradigm to make a vehicle that was higher performing and less stodgy. He certainly wasn’t worried back then about issues related to the heavy consumption of fossil fuels; fuel efficiency wasn’t his intent. Nor was safety, or any other possible deficiency of the modern automobile. He was mostly just a guy — one who loved motors and design and working with metal — having fun and proving a point. 

We learned from Earl and his many experiments how to ‘think outside the box’. This was a important and precious lesson, one that informs all of the Lightfoot work today. New design ideas can bring brand new solutions. It was with this wisdom born of experience that we looked back on the Rocket and finally recognized its full value and Earl’s achievement. We are very grateful to have been part of the effort that brought the Rocket home to Earl and his family: